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Print mail vs email

In this digital age, communicating via email has become the norm. Businesses regularly send direct mail to market their services which can at times be added to the bottom of a long list of unopened emails. However, print is also a very popular medium for creating marketing materials and holds many benefits over email, making it easy to see why this long-established marketing tool is more than capable of keeping up with the times.


One of the key benefits of print mail is that it is more personal, creating a sense of individuality. Whilst emails are commonly sent in bulk to several people at once, print gives the impression of a tailor-made piece of communication making it memorable and more likely to be read.


We can look at the delivery of mail in two senses; the physical delivery and the delivery of the message. Although email is cheap and easy to send, sometimes it does not end up reaching the recipient because it is blocked or caught in spam filters. Emails can also be deleted with one click of a button, making them easily disposable. However print mail gets delivered and, because we are bombarded with emails on a daily basis, print mail has a more powerful presence. This also means that print mail often gets passed around for others to see.


As mentioned above, print mail is often addressed to individuals, making it more personable. On top of this, if designed well, print mail looks more appealing and of a higher quality than email. These features insinuate that time and money have gone into the creation of the mail which creates a greater sense of authenticity and trust between the sender and receiver.


Another reason print mail has remained a popular marketing material is because it has adapted to the times. By associating print mail with the use of technology, such as incorporating mobile interactive material and QR codes, print mail has become interactive with the online world.

Therefore, even though email is a useful communication tool for businesses, emails are in abundance, which suggests that the benefits of print mail make it a more effective communicator.

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Print mail vs email

Alongside business cards and branded stationary, flyers and brochures are one of the more popular choices for print marketing and advertising. Although, our team have found on a few cases that the difference between a flyer and a brochure can be occasionally unclear.

Our team at AB Print want to help you through every stage of your printed marketing, so we have come up with a more detailed explanation for the differences between flyers and brochures. With any luck, your Dewsbury or Batley business should know exactly which product will help contribute to your business.

What is a flyer?

A flyer is usually a single or folded sheet of print, used to draw the attention to an event, service, product or idea. Flyers, sometimes known as leaflets, are more commonly simple and straight to the point with the message they want to convey, to ensure the reader understands as quickly as possible.

The most common flyer size is 8.5 inches by 11 inches, to keep the cost low, however they can be printed on any size which is considered easy to handle. Printing is commonly done on one side of the flyer, but can work well with both sides printed too.

Flyers are usually handed out by people at events, or posted as mail. They usually have a shorter life span, often used for one-time events or special promotions, and in turn is often printed on more lightweight and less durable paper.

What is a brochure?

Brochures can follow a similar spec to flyers, however are almost always printed on both sides. A Brochure contains folds which can create multiple panels or pages of information, or can be created with a combination of sheets bound together.

Smaller brochures tend to be referred to as pamphlets, but can come in a range of sizes and shapes, custom to requests and content. Brochures are more often created with the intention to be durable and long-lasting, which means they tend to be printed on thicker paper. This enhances the quality of the product too, with the option for a UV coating.

Brochures tend to less distributed than flyers, often used for businesses who target other businesses than consumers, as brochures tend to be more costly than flyers, and often contain a lot more information about the business, service, or product.

AB Print hopes this explanation can help you make a more informed decision for which product you feel will best suit your business. Flyers and brochures have many benefits when used on their own, or even together, and each product can work well for each Dewsbury or Batley company differently.

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