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Why business cards still matter

In an era of a new digital word people assume business cards are becoming outdated. This could not be further from the truth; business cards are just as valuable as ever. Even in a time of emails and online meeting the business card is still vitally important.

Personal engagement
Swapping contact information online is becoming more prevalent, after all it is easier, simpler (and lazier) just one click is all it takes. But this has nowhere near the same effect as personally handing your contact information over. In business, first impressions are everything, business cards mean so much more than the information written on them, they are an engagement with future contacts. The impression of your eye contact, mannerisms and all round communication involved in this simple transaction of information will have much more long-lasting impact.

They are the most effective direct marketing tool
There is nothing that can be more direct than the personal association of handing your business card over to a future contact. Sealed with a handshake, the opportunity for networking is much more beneficial with business cards. The opportunity of making business cards can quickly and effectively be capitalised on and never missed with business cards. A swapping of business cards can take less than adding a contact in your phone and it means you can never miss a chance to be opportunistic. If you’re at a trade fair or business conference or even at a airport lounge you can use your business card as an icebreaker that could land you a future job.

Brand impression
whilst the act of handing over business card can give a first impression of your personally; how you look speak, e.t.c, it also gives an impression of your brand. You as a person in one good indication, but your brad is also key. The professionalism of a company can be represented in the simple aspect of a business card. A lot can be taken from a professional looking business card, your organisation, your attractiveness, your planning and preparation, and even the matching colours can signify much more than contact information.

Sharing means marketing
a creative business card can be passed around from contact to contact. If the card is impressive ten it is likely that it can be picked up by other industry professionals. Your card can continue to market for you without your knowledge. Business cards are often kept on desks or pinned on walls so if yours stands out it can have a lifespan far greater than your original target and open up many more doors for you in the future.

The benefits of business cards are endless. To make sure you have a professional looking card, use a professional printing company. AB printing offer a high-quality and competitively priced printing service. For more information about our business card printing give us a call on 01924 473481.

Why business cards still matter

To be effective your brand needs to be consistent.  This means adopting the same name, logo and typefaces across all your branding forms as well as sticking to one colour or colour scheme.  At AB Print we are highly experienced in helping customers implement consistent branding across a range of materials including business cards, postages and exhibition signage.  Here are our top reasons for keeping consistency.

To be memorable

First and foremost, your brand needs to be consistent so that people remember who you are.  Make it easy for potential clients to remember you by ensuring that whenever they see your company’s branding it is the same.  If the branding is not consistent this can lead to confusion as customers may not really be sure who you are or if you are the company they were thinking of.

To be trusted

People are more likely to trust what they know.  Each time a customer sees your logo or reads your slogan, it will be logged in their memory.  Over time, the more this happens, the more they will connect to the brand and the more chance there is of them becoming a client.   It is important to continue reinforcing the brand to maintain this connection with them and for your company be perceived as trustworthy.

To increase revenue

Well-matched branding efforts can help create an identity that customers recognise, relate to and want to do business with.  Creating material that is co-ordinated sends out a strong message to clients that will stick in their minds and make your company easier for them to recall.

To find out more about how AB Print can help you with your branding needs or for a free quote, please give us a call on 01924 47381.

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