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Our journey to net zero – made possible through Woodland Trust and Carbon Capture

We’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come so far. Not just for our business, but for helping our customers reduce their CO2 footprint too. But we can all do more, and AB Print fully supports the Trusts mission to plant 50 million trees across the UK by 2030.

Why does it matter?

  • 13.2% of the UK is covered by woodland but only 7% of that is considered to be in good ecological condition.
  • Climate change means that spring is now on average 8.4 days sooner causing a massive impact on wildlife.
  • Woodland birds have decreased by 29% since 1970.
  • Butterflies have declined 41% since 1990.
  • Plants have declined 18% since 2015!

The Trust’s aims for the UK’s woodland


Protection of ancient, veteran and valuable woods and trees, to stop the loss of irreplaceable habitat and carbon stores, preserving our natural heritage.


Restoring the ecological condition of existing native woods and trees, increasing landscape resilience and creating conditions for nature and people to thrive.


Creating quality woodland and growing native trees to benefit
nature, the climate and future generations.

Our progress so far with the Carbon Capture programme

100% of the funds raised through the programme are passed directly to the Trust to fund woodland conservation and the planting of trees, which can absorb carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

The Carbon Capture® programme gives AB Print and our clients the opportunity to mitigate carbon and demonstrate their sustainable development goals.

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