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A huge thank you to Slingco

Sometimes manufacturing facilities can be a grey place to work, but they don’t need to be.

Just a few well placed panels and vinyl can transform a workplace and is also a great way to show off finished products to visiting customers, especially when they are fitted on site.

A big thank you to Slingco Ltd for allowing us to show you how this can be done.

A huge thank you to Slingco

As the longest day approaches, AB Print Group are looking forward to seeing  how many Kilowatts of power our new solar panels generate.

Since installing 250 solar panels in December 2022, and in conjunction with our wind turbine, we’ve generated 126,351 Kilowatts over the last 6 months, supplying more than 30% of our overall power requirements for 2023.

You can be confident that when partnering with AB Print Group you’re helping to keep the planet healthy.

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