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Self-adhesive touch guards Anti-bacterial graphics

Anti-bacterial push plate

Door push plates, door handles, grab rails, and other high traffic touch points represent a significant risk to hygiene in schools, hotels, hospitals, offices, shops, transport hubs, public buildings, and other places where large numbers of people pass through every day.

We are able to offer almost complete protection against the transmission of bacteria in the form of an innovative, self-adhesive laminate that has antibacterial protection built in. This means that its protective quality doesn’t wear off or fade over time – it is effective for the intended lifetime of the product, no matter how many hands come into contact with it.

Anti-bacterial door handle

This is a clear, self-adhesive film product – available in matt or gloss finish – that can be printed with your logo, safety reassurance message, ‘Push here’ instruction, or any brand colour/message of your choosing.

It can be applied to any type of door – e.g. wood, laminate, metal, glass – and onto flat or tubular surfaces, such as handles, levers, etc. It can be used on grab rails on public transport (buses, trams, airport shuttles, trains, black cab taxis) or anywhere else where there’s a risk of bacterial transmission through multiple human contact.

We can supply anti-bacterial self-adhesive touch guard material in any shape and size to fit specific needs, so if you have a potential application that you’re not sure about, please ask!

  • Antibacterial film, eliminates 99,9% of bacteria.
  • Self-adhesive for easy application to any surface.
  • Colour printed with any logo, message, etc.
  • Reel and sheet form so available in any shape or size.
  • Based on silver ion technology.
  • Suitable for two-sided laminating (e.g. safety instructions, menus etc.)

By Derprosa™ Scientific Study: An external report by an independent laboratory is available. “The determination of the antibacterial activity of film formulations against Escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus using ISO 22196-2007” Result: Bacterstop killed 99.9% of test bacteria contacting the film surface. A full technical sheet is available on request.

Anti-bacterial pull handle

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed life for all of us. Post-lockdown society will continue to be challenging and will require us all to do things differently. Printed graphics will have an important role to play, providing the advice, guidance, direction and information needed to reduce the spread of infection.

Follow the link below to view more ways in which we can help. But this is new to everyone, so if you don’t see what you need, please get in touch.

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Litho printing

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Finishing & specialist printing services

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