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Floor and pavement graphics Coronavirus graphics

Covid-19 floor and pavement graphics

There is nothing more emblematic of the coronavirus pandemic than the social distancing floor graphics that enable us all to maintain the requisite two metres apart while queuing. .

Please stand here. Please keep your distance. Keep 2 metres apart. Stay clear, stay safe. Social distancing. Be smart – stand two metres apart. Please keep behind this line. These signs are now familiar across the retail environment and have applications anywhere that people gather: commerce, travel, hospitality, industry, public sector and more.

And distancing is not the only application for Covid-19 floor graphics. Many retailers are implementing one-way systems in-store with the use of floor arrows, footsteps or ‘This Way’ / ‘No Entry’ floor graphics.

Vinyl Covid-19 stickers

Providing a combination of guidance and reassurance, floor stickers can be produced in any size or shape to meet different requirements, and can also be produced in tape form and supplied in rolls. Our most popular floor and pavement graphics are supplied as non-slip vinyl floor stickers, and these can be specified for temporary or semi-permanent use.

Inexpensive temporary floor graphics are designed for easy installation and removal, leaving no adhesive residue. We can also produce semi-permanent self-adhesive vinyl flooring stickers – with a choice of durability ratings to match your needs. These are scuff and scratch resistant, making them capable of withstanding the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic, and can be supplied for indoor or outdoor installation, with clear fitting instructions as required.

Products are graded for short term indoor use (typically one month); long term indoor / short term outdoor (typically a year indoors, 3-6 months outdoors); and long term outdoor (typically up to a year). However, these figures can only ever be estimates – the actual lifespan will depend on a whole range of factors including environment, footfall, floor type etc.

Coronavirus floor graphic - escalator

High quality safety graphics

As a Fogra-certified commercial printer, we can produce floor and pavement vinyls in any colour to match your brand. And as a company geared up to supporting you in any and every way possible, we can even include a two metre measure to ensure easy and accurate installation of your floor and pavement graphics!

Covid-19 floor sticker - Cornmill Shopping Centre

View our Covid-19 social distancing products

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life for all of us. Post-lockdown society will continue to be challenging and will require us all to do things differently. Printed graphics will have an important role to play, providing the advice, guidance, direction and information needed to reduce the spread of infection.

Follow the link below to view more ways in which we can help. But this is new to everyone, so if you don’t see what you need, please get in touch.

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