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Walkway dividers Coronavirus graphics

Covid-19 walkway divider

The effective management of pedestrian traffic will be a key component of the work needed to reduce the spread of Covid-19, and walkway dividers / café barriers will have an important role to play in this.

These versatile units can be employed to create queue management systems to support safe queuing indoors and outdoors. They can be configured to form aisles, to channel traffic towards health control facilities (e.g. hand sanitizing, temperature monitoring), to divide rooms and create demarcation zones (minimizing unnecessary movement), or simply to create barriers that restrict entry to all but authorised personnel.

Social distancing graphics

Custom printing allows you to tailor the graphics to the application, from coronavirus health / distancing advice and directional guidance to logos or brand livery.

We can produce infills panels for retrofitting to your existing system or supply complete, ready-to-use barrier / divider systems, either off the shelf or bespoke. And we can advise you on the optimum solution depending in whether your dividers will be deployed indoors or out.

Covid-19 social distancing divider

Covid-19 safety information

Infill panels can be supplied to virtually any size and we can print on corrugated plastic (Correx), PVC, fabric banner material, or even metal, and your logo, message or safety information can appear on one or both sides of the divider.

If you need a complete system, we can design and manufacture low cost, lightweight Correx units that simply click together for quick and easy installation and redeployment. Or we can supply a range of stable, weatherproof modular systems suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Available in choice of styles, sizes and finishes – and priced to meet a range of budgets – these walkway dividers / barriers deliver a professional look and clear guidance on where and how to queue.

Other coronavirus products

Walkway dividers are often used in conjunction with our Floor and pavement graphics and Directional arrows to ensure an orderly, safe and comfortable queuing experience for customers, visitors and your own people.

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed life for all of us. Post-lockdown society will continue to be challenging and will require us all to do things differently. Printed graphics will have an important role to play, providing the advice, guidance, direction and information needed to reduce the spread of infection.

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