Window stickers and clings

Widely used in the retail environment, particularly grocery/supermarkets and fashion/clothing, and by car dealerships, window stickers and clings have applications across all sectors of business. Our ‘all under one roof’ approach means we have the choice of technologies to meet any requirement, quickly accurately and cost-effectively.

Window sticker or window cling?

The key difference between a window sticker and a ‘standard’ sticker is that a window sticker has the image printed on the ‘sticky side’. In other words, it’s reverse printed, whereas a sticker has adhesive on the back. Window stickers are almost always white-backed to ensure colours are vibrant and opaque.

Unlike window stickers, window clings don’t have an adhesive face – they adhere through static. which adhere through static. Hence they can be removed and re-used again and again, and won’t leave a mess on your windows, mirrors or glass surface, as well as plastic and baked enamel finishes.

Large format window sticker printing
Semi-permanent window sticker printing

Permanent and repositionable window sticker printing

There are two kinds of window sticker:

Permanent adhesive window stickers are, as the name suggests, designed for long term use. Once they’re up, they’re going to stay there.

The alternative to this is the semi-permanent or removable window sticker. These use 3x less bond than permanent window stickers, allowing them to be removed and / or repositioned after installation (though this adhesive will become permanent if left for a considerable time).

Window stickers can be used on any type of glass or window including car windows, shop windows, glass doors and glass cabinets. The only requirement is that the window needs to be clean and free from grease, dirt or dust.

Typical applications include:

Retail store windows · Brand promotions · Car windows · Car showrooms · Kitchen/bathroom showrooms · DIY/ trade centres · Office windows · Theatres · Museums and galleries

Window cling printing

Static clings are a great way to create impact, highlight special offers and generate impulse purchases. And because they’re adhesive-free they can be removed and re-used again and again.

We can print single colour or full colour (including specials); we can print to almost any size; and with the latest digital systems running alongside our screen printing presses, we can handle print runs from one to one million.

We also manage all finishing in-house so clings can be custom die-cut to any shape you need and we can ensure fast turnaround, ultra competitive pricing and highest quality finish.

Typical applications include:

Retail store windows · Car windows · Car showrooms · Flash promotions on white goods · Company windows

Large format window cling printing

Looking for smaller stickers or clings? We can print in any size and shape, and for applications as different as they are numerous. Check out our stickers and clings page.

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