Embossing and debossing

Embossing and debossing- another part of our end-to-end print service

Embossing is another specialised technique that forms part of our in-house service, allowing us to handle virtually any project from start to finish.

What’s the difference between embossing and debossing?

Firstly, the basics: embossing describes the forming of a raised graphic that is pressed into the paper from the back; debossing is exactly the same but uses a die pressed into the paper from the front to create an imprinted, depressed effect.

Embossing/debossing can be – and frequently are – combined with foil or ink to create a highly distinctive feature on the paper or board. Blind embossing simply means embossing without the addition of any ink or foil.

Embossed wedding invitation

Ideal for prestigious, memorable stationery

Embossing is perhaps most commonly used on high end stationery and certificates to deliver a look and feel of quality and professionalism, particularly when combined with foil. But it can be employed anywhere where this raised or sunken effect will add extra interest: annual reports, book covers, brochures, promotional items, postcards, folders and more.

Another potential application – as with foil blocking – is as a security feature, reducing the risk of counterfeiting.

Creative solutions with embossing and debossing

The 3D effects of embossing and debossing are not limited to a single level; dies can be produced to create dramatic and complex multi-level or sculpted effects that really stand out from the crowd. So think of embossing as a creative tool just like any other.

And the best way to make the most of the possibilities of embossing/debossing is to talk to us first. As with anything, there are certain limitations and there are ways of working around them. For instance, the sharpness of impression delivered by a die will vary from one stock to another: the heavier the material the softer the result.

We’re here to help so do please take full advantage of our experience in this area.

Embossed report cover

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