Foil blocking

Foil blocking is a popular and extremely effective way of adding distinctive and prestigious graphic touches to business stationery. The foil blocking process involves heat-stamping a metal die onto paper with a thin sheet of metal foil in between to transfer the foil to the paper. Because of the process involved, it’s also sometimes called hot foil printing.

Hot foil printing services

Foil blocking is a great way to enhance a brand or create a touch of luxury with your print marketing. Hot foil print is ideal for all kinds of commercial stationery, such as:

Foil Print Letterheads
Foil Blocked Business cards
Foil Blocked Brochures
Foiled Annual reports

Foil block printing is also used extensively as a security device on tickets, vouchers and certificates, making it much harder to produce counterfeit items.

Foil blocking
Foil blocking

Wide choice of foil finishes and colours

High gloss is the most familiar finish but we can and apply foil in a wide range of finishes including silk, matt, patterned and pearlescent, and in an almost unlimited range of colours.

Foiling can be used to create and/or highlight logos and graphics. Its opacity enables light colours to be applied to dark backgrounds, and it can even be used as text.

All in all, it’s a superb way of bringing excitement and metallic colour to a whole range of different print materials!

Clear foil for a gloss finish

As foil is also available as a clear material, it can be used as an alternative to spot UV varnish, something that can be particularly useful for uncoated stocks where spot UV isn’t possible.

This is just one other way that foiling can be used to achieve create effects on all kinds of materials. And of course, foil blocking is frequently combined with blind embossing, another solution we offer in-house.

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Foil blocking samples

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