Folding is a central part of the print process in terms of both preparing materials for further finishing such as collating or binding, or finishing the product to its final size. As you’d expect, we have the skills and experience – and in-house equipment – to handle whatever you might need.

Creative folding offers creative opportunities

If you use print for marketing purposes, then a reasonable knowledge of folding options is extremely useful: understanding the possibilities can open the door to a wealth of new creative opportunities, enabling you to design your print in a way that delivers maximum interest and customer appeal.

You’ll probably be familiar with the most popular paper folds: parallel, concertina, letter, double parallel, gatefold, double gatefold, right angle and roll fold. But a wealth of other options are open to you too – just contact us for more information.

Creative print folding
Print folding

Advanced folding technology back up by years of experience

Our folding machines deliver up to 32 page capabilities, allowing us to handle leaflets, brochures and magazines with print runs up to one million or more.

Digitally controlled set-up ensures fast turnaround and delivers accuracy down to the last millimetre – essential for creative folds and stepped folding. In fact our machines are so accurate that we can run two sheets at the same time, side by side!

As always, if you’re looking to get the best possible results, our advice is to talk to us first. The combination of skills, experience and technology that exists here at AB Print Group means we’re capable to meeting virtually any folding brief.

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