Glow in the dark printing

Screen printing can be used to apply a whole range of special inks and effects, one of the most interesting of which is glow in the dark. You may think that this is a technology suitable only for the stars stuck to the ceiling in your child’s bedroom, but that’s far from the reality!

Ideal solution for high visibility safety items

Enhanced performance makes phosphorescent inks ideally suited to safety messages and applications such as exit signs in offices and public buildings, or floor stickers indicating escape routes in public areas, stadia, cinemas, theatres and suchlike. And of course, our ‘everything under one roof’ approach means we can supply these and other glow in the dark safety items in self-adhesive form.

Glow in the dark safety warning
Glow in the dark printed calendar

Fun, exciting and eye-catching

Glow in the dark inks can also be used to create eye-catching, high impact display materials such as posters and POS materials, or fun promotional items like nightclub wristbands, postcards and stickers. Or how about novelty items like condom boxes?

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