Heat sensitive printing

Heat and reveal printing – also known as heat sensitive printing – uses thermochromic inks to create an effect that we’re all familiar with: the revealing of previously unseen graphics when heat is applied.

With our specialist equipment, we can apply this technology to anything from just a few items to a print run of a million or more, and we can print on materials up to 1500 x 1800 mm in size.

Heat sensitive promotional materials

Thermochromic inks are a great way of creating memorable printed materials such as postcards, posters and other novelty promotional items that tempt and encourage people to interact by touching. How about using them as quiz items, where heat reveals the answer, or as a label on food or drink packaging?

We’ve used this technology to print everything from promotional direct mail items to fun ‘mood sensors’ and there are dozens of other possibilities just waiting to be discovered.

Be inspired, get creative – and be sure to ask us if you need any advice or suggestions on what’s possible. You might be surprised at what we can do.

Heat sensitive printing
Heat sensitive printing

Heat’n’reveal for public information

Heat sensitive inks can also be used to reveal information in a brochure or to create other interactive printed materials. Again, just think of the possibilities … a leaflet explaining the benefits of insulation to minimise heat loss in the home … a before and after mailer for a body repair shop … a corporate brochure that reveals where an engineering company’s products are used.

However you use it, it’s a dynamic, eye-catching, attention-grabbing and memorable way of getting your message across. And we can help you do it.

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