Remoist gumming

Re-moist gumming is a specialised type of gluing where adhesive gum is applied to an area of the sheet of paper to allow subsequent sealing by the end-user. The gum is normally ‘activated’ by moistening / licking; this then becomes sticky and can be attached to another part of the same product.

It is also known as goal post gumming or horseshoe gumming because of the three-sided U-shape usually applied around fold-over reply slips. As with latexing this process is carried out on our screen printing presses using conventional drying.

Secure and convenient for a greater response

Re-moist gumming is used to increase response levels and/or enable confidential replies.

By making it easier for customers to respond – and giving them the reassurance that their response will be seen only by those who should be seeing it – you increase the likelihood of them supplying information, requesting details or registering their purchase.

Applications include:

Folded leaflets · Reply paid envelopes · Perforated inserts · Tear-off forms · Direct mail response forms · Warranty registration cards · Meter readings · Engineer leave-behinds

Remoist gumming
In-house printing expertise

In-house expertise for complete reassurance

The fact that we manage this process in-house means we’re able to control quality and deadlines ourselves – so the ultimate delivery of your print job is not at the mercy of a third-party supplier. We can also provide any advice you might need on the re-moist gumming process, ensuring that your reply item performs just as you need it.

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