Scratch and sniff printing

What is scratch and sniff printing?

Scratch and sniff printing is created by microencapsulation technology. Microscopic capsules of scent are specially developed to make a print solution. Rubbing or scratching then causes these capsules to break, which is what makes the scent on a chosen area of your print marketing.

The latest processes give a far more subtle result than it ever did in the past, giving out attractive and distinctive scents for a long-lasting sensory print experience.

In-depth expertise in sensory marketing technologies

Scented printing presents a whole range of marketing opportunities and we have the tools and technical expertise to help you take advantage.

The most immediately obvious applications for this technology are advertising and promotional materials for items whose USP is their own appealing fragrance, like in-store promotions for household cleaners or air fresheners, or direct mail campaigns for cosmetics or personal hygiene products.

Whatever you’re looking to achieve, talk to us first to see how we can help. We have considerable experience in applying microencapsulated scents to printed materials and can do so on print runs running from just a few to hundreds of thousands.

Scratch and sniff printing
Scratch and sniff printing

Public information campaigns

Two of the best-known applications for scratch and sniff printing in recent years were both related to public information campaigns.

In one, cards were distributed to the public to highlight the danger of gas leaks and included a rub’n’smell panel that contained the smell of gas. And in another, police forces distributed cards carrying the smell of cannabis, with the aim of increasing awareness of the growth in illegal cannabis farms in the UK.

We’ll make your ideas happen

The potential applications for this technology are endless: novelty items, children’s games, adhesive labels, stickers, postcards, books, brochures, business cards, product labels – we can print onto just about any product or paper surface.

And the fact that we do it in-house, alongside our mainstream litho, digital and screen printing services, means we can handle the job from start to finish.

Scratch and sniff printing

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