Spot UV printing

Spot UV varnish finishing is one of the most popular finishing techniques in business printing and for good reason.

While one of its key benefits is to create an attractive, tactile and visually appealing contrast with the surface of the paper substrate, UV varnish can also be ‘flood coated’ over an entire page to apply an all-over high gloss finish.

Create memorable promotional print

You can use spot varnish to highlight logos, headlines, photos and graphics in a brochure or other marketing literature. You can use it to bring extra impact and prestige to high quality business cards. And wherever you use it, spot UV varnish adds interest, enhances colours (by deepening them) and delivers a finish that encourages people to pick up printed materials and look at them more closely.

Spot UV varnish printing
Glitter finish spot UV varnish

Glitter UV and textured inks

Glitter UV is a process that combines clear varnish with glitter to create a solid, opaque finish that – quite literally – stands out from the page. Obvious applications for this treatment are greetings cards and advent calendars but it’s a process that can be used on virtually any printed materials, from stationery and brochures to upmarket packaging, e.g. for cosmetics.

Another possibility, when digital printing, is texture: a clear dry ink that’s applied as a fifth colour. This creates an extraordinarily tactile three-dimensional effect with variable heights and a level of control and accuracy beyond other methods such as thermography. If you’re interested in seeing the results that can be achieved using this technique, please ask to see samples – we’re confident you’ll be impressed.

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