Shelf wobblers

An eye-catching way to display products or prices at point of sale, printed shelf wobblers – so called because they wobble if touched – can be supplied in literally any shape or size. Used to raise awareness and draw attention to sales or promotional messages, they open the door to a wealth of creative opportunities.

Retail shelf wobblers

We can produce point of sale wobblers that combine a clear PVC stem with a card or white PVC head, printed in vivid full colour. We can supply single-piece shelf wobblers die cut from plastic, incorporating both the head and the stem in one piece. We can also supply stems on their own – again to any shape or size – complete with self-adhesive pads (standard, high tack or removable) ready for you to fix your own heads.

In short, our comprehensive plant list means we can handle any requirement in-house, giving you the convenience, reassurance and value-for-money of a single supplier.

Printed shelf wobblers
Custom shelf wobblers

Hanging display printing

Our sophisticated die cutting equipment means there’s no restriction to the shape of either the stem or the head, and this means wobblers can be used for anything from simple price promotions or seasonal offers to product launches or movie tie-ins involving complex shapes and even characters.

Fixing options

Point of sale wobblers are generally attached by means of an adhesive pad at the end (the stem) which fixes to the shelf edge, but we can also supply them with sucker cup or hook fixings.

Shelf edge strips

Shelf edge strips are another effective in-store promotional tool, delivering a powerful sales message at the very point a customer will make the purchase decision – and we can provide an equally flexible service for these items too.

Designed to slide into standard in-store shelf edge holders, shelf edge strips can be printed with high impact, full colour messaging, and the accuracy of our systems means we can ensure complete brand consistency.

Shelf edge strips

Looking for smaller stickers or clings? We can print in any size and shape, and for applications as different as they are numerous. Check out our stickers and clings page.

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