Easy Guide to Paper Sizes and Types

Easy Guide to Paper Sizes and Types

There are two vital parts to any print job. You must consider the quality of the paper and the print hand in hand for the best results. You may have invested time and money into the perfect poster, brochure or business card design, but printing these on the wrong size or weight of paper can ruin their effectiveness.

At AB Print we are always on hand to advise you on the most suitable paper for your task, so we’ve put together this easy guide to paper sizes and types for those of you who want to know more!    

Paper Sizing

In the past, paper sizing conventions used to vary a lot depending on which country you were in. Nowadays, the ISO 216 A and B series have become the international standard. The A series is the one most commonly used and includes A4, which is used all over the world for ‘business’ printing. The formats run in decreasing size from size A0 to A10 and the area halves with each sheet.  

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Paper Weight   

The weight of paper can make a huge difference to the quality. Paper is measured in grams per square metre (gsm). Generally speaking, the thicker the paper, the more durable it is as thin paper is likely to tear more easily. It’s also worth considering that printing double-sided flyers on thin paper may mean any bright and bold patterns may be seen through the other side. Flyers and leaflets tend to work best printed on paper around 130-170gsm, heavier than your traditional office paper. Covers for brochures work best at a weight of 200-250gsm, and business cards typically start at 300gsm.  

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Paper Finishes 

Coating your paper with different finishes is a great way of making your print marketing stand out. If your design contains few words and focuses on eye-catching visuals, we recommend a glossy finish. If you have more text that needs to be easily readable we recommend a matt finish.   


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