How to Design the Perfect Exhibition Stand

How to Design the Perfect Exhibition Stand

When designed properly, exhibition stand printed materials are a great way of promoting your business and communicating the service or product that you offer. In order to make sure your display fulfils its potential, we recommend bearing the following points in mind:

Keep content clear

Although it may be tempting to include everything about your company, stick to a few key points rather than reams of text. This will mean that your message will be visible from a distance and easily digestible by attendees.

Provide contact details

This might sound obvious but it’s important to include at least a phone number and email address so that potential clients can get in touch for more information at a later date.

Use high-quality images

Using high-quality, well-selected photos or illustrations can help to communicate what you are offering more effectively than lots of text. Make sure to choose ones that really convey your business and what it does.

Choose colours carefully

The colours that you use also need to be chosen carefully. If you are an established company it is best to use these to maintain consistency. If you are new and really wanting to stand out from the crowd then bright, bold colours are an option.

Make sure it fits your brand

When designing your display it’s really important to think about how it links to your brand and existing material in order to maintain consistency. As well as colours, think about using the same fonts and logos so that it fits with other printed products such as business cards or online information such as websites. Maintaining your brand image across these different mediums signals that your company is well-established and professional.

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