New Embroidered Music Stand Banners for Ravnanger Brass Band

New Embroidered Music Stand Banners for Ravnanger Brass Band

We recently supplied Ravnanger Brass Band with 50 embroidered music stand banners through our Tor Banners division of AB Print Group. The band is based in Norway and this project for music stand banners is one of many sets Tor Banners has supplied over the years throughout the UK, Scandinavia and Europe as well as North America.

Embroidered banners for music stands are used by bands, orchestras and for music departments in education settings such as schools and colleges. We are able to supply a range of banners including music stand banners, hand embroidered banners and presentation banners through Tor Banners, which was acquired by the AB Print Group 18 months ago and continues the 40-year-old tradition of one of the most renowned brands associated with music stand banners.

The new Tor Banners website was launched recently to showcase the products and services available through the prestigious brand. We hope to support and further develop the Tor Banners brand to build on its historical reputation as a recognised supplier of high-quality music stand banners. Visit Tor Banners for more information on our banner services.

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