Printing methods explained

Printing methods explained

AB Print have a large manufacturing warehouse with a wide range of printing equipment. This gives a huge amount of versatility to the service we offer.

Our plant and equipment make us able to produce high quality litho printing, digital printing, screen printing and specialist finish printing.

Our investment in every aspect of printing services gives us a one-stop print shop for across the board printing needs.

With such heavy investment in our equipment means all of our services is done in house. This enables us to ensure the highest of quality through our quality control methods.

Printing styles explained:

Litho Printing
This is the most popular commercial type of printing technology. This works by using a laser to burn an image onto a metal plate which is loaded onto the printing press. The image is then offset onto a rubber blanket so it can be transferred onto the printing surface, i.e paper, or card. Litho Printing is common for high volume requirements.

Digital Printing
This term is used for modern printing methods like laser and ink-jet printing. An image is sent to the printer digitally using files like PDF’s. Digital printing is a cost effective method as it does not require a printing plate. Most offices or institutions use digital printers as they only require a personal computer.

Screen printing
Screen printing uses a mesh to transfer the ink onto the surface. This technique is common for large printing requirements and is the primary technique used in printing on t-shirts.

Print finishing
Print finishing is not exactly a method printing instead a post printing service. This term covers anything that happens to a product after it has seen printed. This like folding, cutting, or adding any extra effects.

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