What is foil blocking?

What is foil blocking?

Foil blocking is a popular and effective print finishing technique used to add a distinctive touch to marketing materials including brochures, business cards and stationery.

The foil blocking process involves applying metallic foil or pigment to paper while a heated metal piece stamps the design onto the print surface. Foil is typically gold or silver in colour and has a high gloss finish, but we can apply foil in various colours and finishes including silk, matt, pearlescent and patterned.

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The history of foil blocking

Foil blocking or foil stamping is thought to have roots in ancient Egypt. The early methods used tools to beat gold into paper for decorative purposes.

The process evolved from beating gold to fixing gold to paper and creating entire rolls of paper gold that could then be transferred to stamped designs with heat. The expense of using gold meant different metallic foils were explored, expanding the foil blocking process further.

Foil blocking today

The metallic finish foil blocking creates gives a prestigious finished result and has become a popular printing method with its many applications.

Foiling is a great way to add something extra to your branding, highlighting logos or graphics and allowing light colours to be applied to dark backgrounds. 

It can also be used for printing tickets, vouchers and certificates that require authentication to prevent counterfeiting.

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