What Makes a Good POS Display?

What Makes a Good POS Display?

POS displays, also known as Point of Sale displays have multiple purposes within any retail business that has products on show for customers to buy. These purposes vary from informing, to directing, and to advertising. The design, size, and content of your POS will also vary depending on the purpose. However, most displays share a common outcome which is to essentially boost sales and generate interest in a product, brand, or service.

Here, AB Print have outlined the fundamentals of what makes a good Point of Sale signage display so that it can carry out its job of informing, directing and advertising to your customers:


Signage that demands the attention of the eye has achieved the first necessity of good POS. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the display should be bombarded with multiple colours, as it may not match the brand identity of your business or the product/service you are promoting. Again, depending on the purpose, displays will vary in size; shelf talkers are narrower with room for one or two lines of text at a few words each, however an A5 sized POS at the till point has more room for text and imagery which can be used to generate attention and interest.

Balance between words and imagery

As previously mentioned, the size of the display will also have an influence on the number of words or images you have on the piece of signage. If the purpose of the sign is to inform customers of a new product, it may simply include an image of the product with a clever design around it to make it stand out. The text could be as simple as the name of the product and “In stores now.”

Having too many words is often a turn-off for customers as attention can be lost. Likewise, the size of the images can take up too much of the display, thus suffocating the design. Retaining the customer’s interest in your brand, product or service is potentially the most difficult aspect of any method of advertising, but once you have generated a desire, the last step is to inform customers of the next course of action you want them to take.

What makes good POS Displays?

Call to action

This can be as simple as instructing the customer to speak to a colleague for more information, or to add an item to their shopping trolley. The location of the POS will determine whether a call to action should be present or what it may say. For example, a sale sign in the front window may indicate which section of the store is discounted, but an item may just have a sale sticker attached to it indicating how much is knocked off the full price.

These are some of the basics to consider when designing the Point of Sale signage for your businesses. If this has helped you, and you are interested in setting up a POS campaign, contact AB Print on 01924 473481 or email enquiries@abprintgroup.com and we will be happy to help.

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