Top Tips for Printing Wedding Invitations

Top Tips for Printing Wedding Invitations

Wedding days are the most magical day of a couple’s life together. It is a symbol of all the love a pair have for each other. The average cost of a wedding day in the UK is an astonishing £20,000. No expense is spared for the perfect wedding day that most people dream and fantasise about all their life.

The wedding invitation is incredibly important because it doesn’t matter how much you spend if nobody knows to show up! As well as the obvious information, how a wedding invitation looks can say just as much about the day as the wedding cake.


You are going to want a very well-thought-out design for your invitation. The invitation itself should look sophisticated, classy and, obviously, inviting. Have the design, colour and fonts be as representative of your wedding as the decorations at the venue.

Where to include the information

For the front of your invitation usually less is more with the information. You don’t want to overcrowd the card with words, but that being said, be sure you include everything needed. Most invitations are kept simple, with clear font, align the information down the centre of your card.

What information to include

Be as short and clear with this part as possible. There is lots of necessary information that you need to pass on to your guests.

  • Have the address of the venue in an unmissable spot on your invitation
  • Designate a sentence about plus ones (or if you want an adult-only wedding, be sure to specify and name the guests invited)
  • The dress code or theme if there is one
  • RSVP phone number or email address
  • If the guests are expected to choose food from a set menu in advance, make that clear

What paper to use

You can have the most beautiful-looking design of your invitation, but if this is printed on cheap paper that could all be a waste. The quality of the material you decide to print on is as valuable as the look itself.


AB Print have a wide range of high-quality and customisable event invitations, and with in-house finishing technologies such as die-cutting, embossing, glitter inks and foil blocking, we are able to create the perfect look for you.

AB Printing services can tailor to any requirement you might have to cater for your perfect day. For more information give us a call now on 01924 473481.

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